Introducing L'Oréal Smartbond at Saks Aberdeen


What Is Smartbond?

Smartbond is a new technology that protects and strengthens your hair when you have a colour service in the salon. L'Oréal's research and innovation department used its 100 years of scientific expertise and long standing knowledge in high-performance hair care to create this amazing new product. Smartbond consists of 3 components, the first 2 being used while you are in the salon and the third one by yourself at home. Smartbond is now available in all 3 of our Aberdeen salons.

Why Do I Need Smartbond?

Hair can become damaged by extensive colouring...the bonds in your hair become weak and can't be reformed.

Smartbond works to target weaker parts of the hair bond to strengthen and keep the bond intact. This will result in...

  • Strengthening your hair fibres inside and out
  • Your hair will feel more complete and smoother to the touch
  • Your hair looks healthier and revitalised with visibly more shine

Will Smartbond Affect My Colour?

No, Smartbond will adapt to colour products without affecting the lift or tone at all. Infact, Smartbond will actually improve the overall finish of your hair colour as the colour will take more evenly. 



How Does Smartbond Work In The Salon?

Step 1 - Smartbond (Step 1) is added to your colour by your stylist when mixing and they will apply your colour as normal.

Step 2 - When the colour is ready to come off, your hair is rinsed without shampoo and then towel dried to remove excess moisture. 

Step 3 - Smartbond (Step 2) is applied as a pre-shampoo all over, left for 10 minutes and then rinsed off.

Step 4 - Your usual shampoo and conditioner is then applied.


Use the Smartbond conditioner once a week at home to continue protecting the bonds in your hair. If this part is missed out, your hair will eventually revert back to its original condition before your Smartbond treatment.

The take home conditioner can be bought in all 3 of our salons for £16.49


What Is The Cost Of Smartbond?

A full list of all our prices are available in the hair prices section of our website.

Check Out This Amazing Colour Change By Our Principal Stylist Zander, Using Smartbond...


Ask your stylist for more information about L'Oréals NEW Smartbond treatment on your next visit to any of our 3 hair salons.